Underrated, Appreciated and at the top of my list of PG’s

May 15th, 2013 by Dusty Rychart

I’ve played with some of the greatest PG’s the NBL/Australia has seen, guys such as Brett Maher, CJ Bruton, DMac and Charles Thomas.  Over the years I’ve been asked who was the best point guard?  I’m basing this purely on my experience with these guys so don’t bite my head off.

I won a championship with CJ, had some great years with Brett in Adelaide and started my young NBL career with DMac but I would have to say Charles Thomas is at the top of my list.  The reasoning behind my madness is when I arrived in Adelaide fresh off of being cut by the Victoria Giants CT took me under his wing.  We just had this chemistry on and off the court that I haven’t had with anyone since.  He was effortless in the way he played and he could pass the hell out of the ball.  He used to find me in places on the court that no other PG could.  It was so easy to score, establishing myself as a 20-10 guy which allowed me to have a lasting career in the NBL.  I don’t think he got the recognition he deserved simply because of his effortless playing style and smooth game. It was a pleasure playing along side CT, a shame it only last 2 seasons.

CT is currently an Asst Coach with the University of Akron in Ohio.

Below is a clip of CT vs Perth.  For an old man he could still get above the rim. 😉


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