GRHS Hall of Fame Speech by Coach Eidelbes

October 11th, 2015 by Dusty Rychart

I was recently inducted into the Grand Rapids High School Athletic Hall of Fame over the weekend. I unfortunately wasn’t able to attend to accept the award. Coach Eidelbes presented a speech and awarded my mother the plaque. Here is his speech that is about 8 min long. Thanks for the kind words Coach!


GRHS Athletic Hall of Fame

GRHS Athletic Hall of Fame


Coach Eidelbes Hall of Fame Speech



QBE National Car Insurance Ad

February 4th, 2014 by Dusty Rychart

I was recently asked by a teammate of mine if I would be interested in doing an Ad. I was a little hesitant because I didn’t want to try and act but all i had to do was be tall and smile. SO I decided to tick it off of the bucket list. It was a good experience to see how they created this stuff behind the scenes. I never thought my cheeks would be so sore after 5-6 hours of smiling. Great experience and thanks for the opportunity QBE.



The End….

September 3rd, 2013 by Dusty Rychart

The game that gave me so much over the years is finally telling me to retire. Now that the QBL season has finished it is probably a good time to hang it up. I had a dream to play at the highest level possible and for as long as the body allowed. Injuries and playing a limited role over the past few years has taken the love of the game away from me. I always told myself that I never was going to be that guy that hung on too long who was well past his use by date. I can look back and say that I did all that I could with the ability that god gave me (which wasn’t much haha). I have no regrets and I feel that I made the most of all my opportunities. The one thing that eats at me is that no one gave me a chance at the NBA. Now before you go and roast me about this I will explain. I never got recruited but Clem Haskins and the University of Minnesota gave me a chance then I went pro and Phil Smyth and the Adelaide 36er’s saw something in me and gave me another opportunity. I made the most of every opportunity but never got a chance at the NBA. I don’t know if I would have ever made it but I would have loved the chance to fall flat on my face and say I at least got an opportunity but wasn’t good enough. In saying that I have enjoyed everything basketball has offered me. The game has allowed me to travel the world, meet great people and play a game I loved for so long. I will and already miss preparing for the upcoming season and the challenges that every season brings. Now it is time to move on and find another passion.


QBL Final 4 2013

August 27th, 2013 by Dusty Rychart

Brisbane Capitals in Rockhampton for the 2013 Final 4

Brisbane Capitals in Rockhampton for the 2013 Final 4

I didn’t realise until recently that we were picked to finish last in the 2013 QBl pole according to voters on a local basketball website. There is nothing more I love than proving someone or everyone wrong and that’s what we did this past week defeating Toowoomba. Rockhampton is this years host of the 2013 QBL finals. The atmosphere should be good as the crowd gets louder and more ruthless as the game goes on and the more they drink 😉 Final 4 teams include Townsville, Brisbane Capitals, Rockhampton and Northside. game #1 Townsville vs Brisbane, Game #2 Northside vs Rockhampton.

Brisbane Capitals Final 4 QBL 2013


Underrated, Appreciated and at the top of my list of PG’s

May 15th, 2013 by Dusty Rychart

I’ve played with some of the greatest PG’s the NBL/Australia has seen, guys such as Brett Maher, CJ Bruton, DMac and Charles Thomas.  Over the years I’ve been asked who was the best point guard?  I’m basing this purely on my experience with these guys so don’t bite my head off.

I won a championship with CJ, had some great years with Brett in Adelaide and started my young NBL career with DMac but I would have to say Charles Thomas is at the top of my list.  The reasoning behind my madness is when I arrived in Adelaide fresh off of being cut by the Victoria Giants CT took me under his wing.  We just had this chemistry on and off the court that I haven’t had with anyone since.  He was effortless in the way he played and he could pass the hell out of the ball.  He used to find me in places on the court that no other PG could.  It was so easy to score, establishing myself as a 20-10 guy which allowed me to have a lasting career in the NBL.  I don’t think he got the recognition he deserved simply because of his effortless playing style and smooth game. It was a pleasure playing along side CT, a shame it only last 2 seasons.

CT is currently an Asst Coach with the University of Akron in Ohio.

Below is a clip of CT vs Perth.  For an old man he could still get above the rim. 😉


QBL Brisbane Capitals 2013

May 12th, 2013 by Dusty Rychart

Since leaving the Cairns Taipans after the 2012-13 season I have moved to the Brisbane Capitals of the QBL. Opening up the season last night in a 40 point win vs Toowoomba was a good sign of things to come for this young group. The style of game suits the old run and gun Phil Smyth days at Adelaide. I must admit it gets harder and harder every year to keep up but I’m slowly getting into the shape I need to be.


The QBl is a 16 game season plus finals games so it isn’t a long season at all. That’s good news for the body but it will go quick as ever season does. I’m enjoying not having to be on the road for days at a time and most road trips are an hour away. I like our group and hopefully we find that chemistry that will give us success.

 Brisbane Capitals

On another note:  It’s difficult to see the NBL in the state it’s in.  I really thought the league turned the corner after the 2010 season when it moved to 40 min games and FIBA rules.  The league was so competitive from 1-8 it made for some really good games making it exciting all the way to the end of the season not knowing who would get into the playoffs. Basketball has been good to me and it’s a great sport to play. It’s a shame that it takes such a back seat to all the other codes in Australia. The days of the deep pocket owners are gone and more teams are headed towards community ownership model.  I know the community ownership model works since I was apart of it in Cairns.  I believe that you have to get out and reach the youth to be able to give them something to look up to and be the role models required to be high level athletes.  The negative about community ownership is that you can’t retain the high talented and skilled players needed to make the league compete.  When I first arrived in the early 2000’s most of the Boomer’s players were in the league and now you only have 2.  Clubs need to be able to spend the money required to get guys such as Ingles, Newely, Jawaii interested in coming back.  This may be unachievable now but for the league to compete with NRL,AFL we need the best Aussie’s in it.  Money Talks!  and I know money doesn’t grow on trees either.  I just hope one day the top talent will return and give the Basketball community the top product possible. Just my 2 cents.


People are always asking if I am done playing NBL. A player never wants to give up on a dream they have had since they were a little boy but with the injuries I’ve had the past 2 seasons it gets very frustrating being on the sidelines and not being a piece of the puzzle that helps win games. I always said that I never want to hold on too long and be that guy that everyone wishes would retire because he’s making a fool of himself out there. I still think when healthy I can contribute at a high level. If nothing comes up worth seriously considering I have to move on. The crossroads that I am at is I don’t really know what I want to do for a career after basketball. I have my MBA/Finance and am really passionate about trading bonds/futures/currencies and would love to make that full time but it’s hard work and very few make it. I have the same desire and dreams about trading as I did about basketball when I was younger. I know how hard it was to get a chance and prove myself as a player and I have no doubt it will be the same in whatever career path i choose.



Off-season starts early for the Taipans

March 25th, 2013 by Dusty Rychart

Another year where we ended the season 1 win from the playoffs. Very disappointing to come so close but fail again. To even have a chance at the playoffs was something we didn’t deserve early on in the season but to the credit of the guys we didn’t give up and kept fighting. The support from the community and Cairns was 2nd to none once again. No matter if we were on a 5 game losing streak or a 2 game winner the fans stuck by us through the good and the bad. Can’t say that about too many other places in the league. At least we didn’t get booed off of our home court 😉

More blogging in a few weeks. Mad Monday starts today and who knows where that will lead.


Brisbane Bullets 2007 Champions

November 29th, 2012 by Dusty Rychart

A Few Old Videos

November 25th, 2012 by Dusty Rychart


Cairns Taipans 2012/13 #YearoftheSnake

October 3rd, 2012 by Dusty Rychart

Taipans Team 2012/13

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